Student Involvement Fair to Offer Campus Involvement

Nicole Guest, Staff Writer

All students who want to become more active on campus are encouraged to attend the annual Student Involvement Fair, which will take place in the University Center on Thursday, August 30 from 1 to 4 p.m.

The Student Involvement Fair provides Francis Marion University students with the opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community.

According to Assistant Dean of Students Latasha Brand, the fair is held early in the semester so incoming freshman can learn about and become involved on campus early on.

Brand said about 80 organizations will be represented at the fair, each with their own table.  These organizations include agencies such as banking vendors and community volunteer groups.

The vast majority of the tables, according to Brand, belong to student organizations on campus such as The Snow Island Review, Study Abroad programs, and Greek organizations.

Brand stated the opportunity to be represented at the fair as a vendor is extended to all student organizations on campus.  Every organization is provided with tables, chairs, and peg boards.  Individual organizations are responsible for decorating their stations.

Formerly referred to as the Student Organization Fair, according to Brand, the Student Involvement Fair is a combined event.  The decision to combine three student events into one, the Student Involvement Fair, was necessary, she said.

“The foot traffic for the other two fairs was a little bit on the low side,” said Brand.  “The best thing was to combine the three fairs into one.”

Merging the three fairs into one event has increased student attendance and involvement, Brand said.

According to Brand, the fair is important because it encourages students to be both academically and more socially involved.

Brand recognizes a pattern in involved students and success.  According to Brand, being successful in college is more than getting good grades.  However, Brand states, often students who are more involved with student organizations have higher grades. Brand mentions that part of being an adult is the ability to balance everything.

“This fair is really about students getting connected with the resources they need to get involved in this university,” said Brand.  “The more connected students are with the campus community, the more successful they are.”