Student wins Nintendo Switch Lite from bingo

Francis Marion University students gathered to compete in a bingo night for the chance to win prizes in the Smith University Center (UC) on Sept. 7.  

The bingo night was sponsored by the Campus Activities Board (CAB), that provided drinks, ice cream and prizes. Among the awards was an Echo Dot, a portable charger and – the highlight of the evening – a Nintendo Switch Lite.  

Dashawna Black, a senior health care administration major and CAB member, attributed the night’s turnout to the prizes offered.   

“I think with this time, the fact that we ordered so many prizes and such big prizes made the turnout bigger,” Black said.  

Amanda Wagner, FMU’s student life specialist and CAB advisor, said the turnout totaled around 130 people.  

“I want [the students] to have a chill night to come out, meet new people, have friends [and] just hang out,” Wagner said.  

Round tables were set up in the middle of the UC, but because of the large attendance, some students had to sit in chairs scattered around the building or on the floor.  

At the beginning of the event, students received two bingo boards and one raffle ticket. The raffle numbers were called to determine the winners of the big prizes, while students who won a game received candy. The last prize given away was the Nintendo Switch Lite, which has a retail value of $200.  

The winner of the Nintendo Switch Lite was Dacia Molette, a senior psychology major.  

“I’ve always wanted the Lite for myself, but then I wasn’t sure if it was worth it,” Molette said. “I have a console as well… so this will be nice. I can actually take it to class.”  

Other prizes included a portable laptop backpack and an LED light strip.  

In addition to five-in-a-row bingo, the night included different spins on the game. At one point, attendees were challenged to fill up their whole bingo card. Another time, they were instructed to only make an X. The caller also did “speed rounds,” where he called out the numbers in rapid succession. Sometimes, the students were told to clear their boards after someone called bingo, and other times they were instructed to keep their chips.  

After each bingo, the caller urged the players to cheer. By the end of the event, attendees clapped and cheered without a reminder.  

FMU’s bingo night is not a new event, with this being the thirteenth year it has taken place.  

“If we don’t do [bingo night] twice a semester, we at least do it once a semester,” Wagner said. “We might do it again in Spring because bingo is so fun. People just get to chill, have fun and be a little competitive.”  

CAB’s next event is the open auditioning for the upcoming FMU’s Got Talent on Sept. 19 in the Chapman Auditorium.