Not your average Food Truck Thursday

Student Life at FMU hosted “Wiener Wednesday” on Sept. 15 at Five Points in front of the Smith University Center (UC).  

The event granted students and faculty an opportunity to grab a cheap lunch or a quick snack between classes. 

Eve Prosser, student life specialist for student engagement, helped make Wiener Wednesday come to fruition.  

“Generally speaking, we opened a line of communication with the owners of Peterson’s World Famous Hotdogs about their availability and offered them a spot on our campus,” Prosser said. “With assistance from our Building and Grounds teams, we were able to set up a place for them monthly in front of the University Center, along with creating signage for promotions. We hope to provide a great time, and a fun experience for all students – as well as get them out and exploring our campus by creating engaging events in an around the University Center, Five Points, and beyond.”  

While students enjoyed the event and its variety of foods, some wished it had lasted longer. 

“Wiener Wednesday had good hot dogs and decent pricing,” Thinh Tran, junior biology major, said. “FMU can also have Wiener Wednesday at different times, so those in labs can enjoy it. I had the plain beef and beef sausage hot dogs, and I am usually not a fan of tea, but their combination of lemonade and tea was tasty. I would have gotten nachos, but they did not sell them that day; what a shame.”   

Some students took Wiener Wednesday as an opportunity for a break or to get out of their dorms while enjoying a nice change from the standard, Food Truck Thursday. 

“Wiener Wednesday benefits students to get out of the classroom and create a sense of community,” Tristan Shird, senior general education major, said. “It is a way that students can meet new people and make new friends. I would love to see more events like this on campus. I know that we have Food Truck Thursday, but it would be great if they had more food truck events instead of just having Food Truck Thursday.”   

Shird’s hopes for more events like Wiener Wednesday on campus are shared by Student Life, as Prosser said there will be multiple Wiener Wednesdays throughout the year.  

“We have two more Wiener Wednesday events this semester – October 10th and November 16th,” Prosser said. “We are looking ahead to the spring for more dates.” 

After the turnout for Wiener Wednesday, Prosser said she is looking forward to future Student Life events, as well.   

“Student Life is hosting and sponsoring a great number of events this semester,” Prosser said. “We are excited for the upcoming FMU’s Got Talent Showcases throughout the semester, and especially for our annual FM A’Glow event on October 29th.”