Student Life hosts event to show activities available to students


Photo by: Ainara Eizaguirre Irastorza

FMU Green Club talks to a potential new member at their table in the Student Activities Fair.

FMU’s fall Student Activities Fair, an event featuring multiple booths of campus activities and programs offered to students, took place on Sept. 22 in the Smith University Center (UC). 

The Activities Fair took place at the same time as Food Truck Thursday, which was located on the UC lawn. 

The fair held a variety of booths, including tables for clubs, Greek Life and student resources. There were clubs that appealed to the different interests that a student might have, including religion, environmentalism, science, history, mathematics, physical activities and social justice. 

While many of the clubs catered towards specific majors, none of them restricted entrance to only one major.  

Some of the clubs at the event were FMU’s Green Club, the Gender Sexuality Alliance, the Catholic Campus Ministry, Biology Club, Coexist Club, Marketing Club, the Accounting and Finance Club, Universities Studying Slavery, and Swim Club. 

FMU’s Student Health Services also had a table at the fair where they were checking students’ blood pressures and giving away contraceptives. 

“[Student health] is something that I’m passionate about and I enjoy talking to people,” Ashaunti Rucker, senior nursing major and one of the leaders at the student health booth, said. 

Rucker and her organization said they wanted to spread awareness to the students about resources available to them.  

FMU’s study abroad program had a booth set up by the entrance of the UC and was giving out information to students about potential places where they could study. Examples of some of the places that students could study abroad at include Ireland, Barbados and England. They also 

offer short stay trips to Ecuador and Germany. 

Many of the booths were giving away candy and informational pamphlets. The Green Club and the Gender Sexuality Alliance were giving away stickers. The Alive in Christ Student Ministries booth and the Accounting and Finance Club both featured games where students could guess how much candy was in a big jar for the chance to win it for themselves. 

FMU’s literary and art journal, Snow Island Review (SIR), also had a table at the event. 

SIR takes submissions of student’s art and writing for the chance of them being displayed in their journal. At their booth they were giving away some of SIR’s past journals, as well as the newest edition. 

“Snow Island Review literary journal is a very good journal for students to express themselves,” Shamonya Jackson, a senior mass communications major and art and photography editor for SIR, said. “We basically want to give students the opportunity to show off their talent, their artwork or whatever piece of writing they have that they want to share.”