FMU graduate working for Media General

Melissa Rollins, Staff Writer

Recent FMU graduate Andrew Golden began working in his chosen career field as a digital journalist only two weeks after graduating.

Golden got his bachelor’s degree in mass communication – broadcast in May 2010. Almost immediately after, he began working at the Marion Star & Mullins Enterprise newspaper in Marion, S.C.

Golden said that he wanted to work in the technical side of the journalism field, and that the broadcast track allowed him to do that.

“I did not really choose journalism, so to say,” Golden said, “What I want to do is work with cameras, and that was just the track to get into it.”

His current job is in an area that requires the convergence of various media types. When he has an article assigned to him, he not only takes the video, but he also writes the story and takes the pictures that may be needed.

“I learned all that in school,” Golden said “A lot of that experience has helped me now. I’m still using cameras; I’m still shooting video for TV.”

Media General, a media conglomerate that owns News Channel 13, the SCNow website, and other local newspapers and outlets, owns the Star & Enterprise.

Golden was an intern at another Media General company, The Florence Morning News. He said that he believed his internship helped him secure a job before he even graduated.

Along with putting together news packages for the Star & Enterprise, Golden said that he is responsible for pieces for SCNow and The Florence Morning News.

Golden said that when he started looking for a job, his broadcast experience at FMU was a significant advantage.

Associate Professor of Mass Communication Maria Lundberg said that she saw a lot of potential in Golden.

“I really enjoyed having Andy as a student,” Lundberg said. “He was really inquisitive and curious, which are essential skills as a journalist. He also had a real, natural ability and talent in the production side of broadcast.”

Golden said the entire faculty in the FMU Mass Communication Department  helped prepare him for his chosen career field.

“When you’re in school, you don’t realize it; you’re just trying to get through,” Golden said. “But when you get out, you realize that it all helps.”

Golden said that he now sees a benefit from all the classes he took at FMU, even classes outside of his major. Golden offered advice for students going into the journalism field.

“Be prepared for more than you expect,” Golden said, “Everything that you’ve learned in school is going to be used whether you believe you are going to use it or not.”

Golden has no dreams of being a big-city journalist. His wife is a teacher in South Carolina, and Golden said that they will most likely stay in the state.

Golden said that his dream job would be to continue working in production rather than writing.