A Freshman “How to” Guide

Nefateda Harlee, Staff Writer

Depending upon what type of high school you may have come from, college can seem like a foreign place. Will I be a successful student?  Will I make new friends?  Where do I fit in?  All are questions that may circulate in your mind as a freshman. You may be lost, confused or just extremely skeptical about what your college career may hold, either way, I’m here to help you.

“Will you be a successful student?”

I cannot express enough how important it is to study.  College may bring some of the best times you will ever have in life, but let’s not forget the reason you are here. There are very few people who can “party, party, party” and yet maintain a satisfactory GPA.  Quite frankly, college costs entirely too much to waste it away on constant partying.  Enjoy yourself – but stay focused.  Many people have lost out on the college experience because they lost focus. You have to strive for success in order to obtain it. What you do here will determine your career path in the future, so make it count and choose to be great!

Keep in mind that you applied and were accepted.  There were others who were not, so be appreciative of that fact.

Also, take advantage of FMU’s tutorial resources, such as the Writing Center and study hall. Grades are averaged from the entire semester, so do not wait until December to become serious about studying.  Pay attention and take notes in class.  The more you understand the subject, the easier the class will be.  Get to know your professors, and don’t be afraid to visit their office for additional help.

Furthermore, get involved!  Staying interactive with campus life and activities will make you better appreciate your school and also pass time along in a healthy and positive way.

“Will you make new friends, and where will you fit in?”

As you attend classes and become involved in campus activities, you are guaranteed to build friendships.  There is no need to worry about making friends.  FMU is full of interesting people, and you will encounter others that influence your life in a very positive way and may build friendships that last a lifetime.

With that being said, be open-minded.  When you come to college you are “leaving the nest” and are expected to begin your independency.  Like you, many people who are attending college are still “finding themselves.”  College differs from high school because as a college student you have more freedom, freedom to express yourself and make choices that best suit who you are.  It is important not be overwhelmed by these changes, but to embrace them.