Student Spotlight: Henry Holland


Henry Holland, a junior at FMU, said he enjoyed how broad and practical mechanical engineering is.

With the goal of making enough money to live comfortably in mind, twenty-two year old junior mechanical engineering major, Henry Holland, is looking forward to graduating and beginning his career.  

“After I graduate, I plan on pursuing a job at some manufacturer or engineering firm on the East coast,” Holland said. “I’m excited about getting a job that I’m genuinely interested in and hope to make lots of money.” 

Holland and his family moved to Florence from Pinehurst, North Carolina, in 2016 when his mother received a better job offer here. He graduated from West Florence High School in 2018 and chose to remain in Florence for college as well because FMU is the cheapest four-year university in the state and the cost of living in Florence is relatively low. So far, he feels that he made the right choice.  

“I have always enjoyed and excelled at math and science, and mechanical engineering is a very broad, practical degree that could help me get a job in a variety of fields,” Holland said. 

Since being admitted into the mechanical engineering program at FMU, Holland said he has formed very good relationships with all of the professors he has met so far and enjoys learning from them. If he had to pinpoint one factor that is contributing to his success at FMU so far, he said it would be the amount of effort that each professor gives to their lessons and students.  

“My favorite thing about Francis Marion is how small the classes are and how accessible all the professors are,” Holland said. “But this is also my least favorite thing about FMU because there isn’t a large student body and not as much stuff happens on campus because of that.” 

In an attempt to connect with other students on campus, Holland joined the Kappa Alpha Order, and now, he spends most of his free time hanging out with other members of his fraternity.  

“My fraternity gave me a really easy way to meet new people that have similar interest to me,” Holland said. “Finding social activities in Florence is difficult, but I get to try a lot of new things with them.” 

In addition to being a member of a fraternity, Holland also works at Texas Roadhouse, where he serves and bartends throughout the week. Though he enjoys his job there, he said if there is one thing he could go back in time and change, it would be saving enough money before enrolling in college that he did not have to work when school is in session.  

When he graduates, he thinks the thing he will miss the most about FMU is just being a student here in general, but he is looking forward to having the funds and flexibility to travel more often.  

“After I graduate and get a job, I will have to worry about stuff a lot more complicated that homework and exams,” Holland said. “Even though I’m excited to graduate and begin my career, right now, I’m just enjoying my time in college.”