Recent Graduate Spotlight: Jared Morgan



Recent graduate, Jared Morgan, poses with his friend after commencement, ready to embark on his journey to a creative living.

Jared Morgan, 23, graduated from FMU in December of 2021with a major in convergence journalism and a minor in graphic design. 

“I like digital media, and convergence is a very flexible job, and it works really well with graphic design,” said Morgan. 

Morgan came to FMU because it is an affordable school and wanted to expand his horizons. 

“I wanted to broaden my social experience. That is why I wanted to go to college,” said Morgan. 

College is not for everyone, but he said FMU was a great choice for a university. Many who graduate high school never make it to college because of financial reasons, a lack of drive or a lack of a degree requirement in their desired job. 

Morgan, on the other hand, thought college was the best idea and choice for him to broaden his experiences and knowledge about everything around him. 

“I want to build my portfolio to work in logo design and advertising,” said Morgan. 

Morgan said he has a true love for creativity. He loves making new things and getting to know the people around him. For this major and minor collaboration, creativity is crucial. 

Morgan wants to let others in college know that finding balance is important. 

“Make sure to get sleep and eat good food because junior year is going to hit like a truck,” said Morgan. 

He believes living a life of good health is the key to happiness. In college, balancing adulthood with being a student can be challenging. It can be tricky to find the balance between work, school and socializing, but Morgan believes true success comes from mastering this skill. 

“You are not in a race. Take college at your own speed,” said Morgan.

He said students must challenge themselves and know their limits to be successful. Because of this, it is crucial not to take on too much stress and be mindful of boundaries with others. Morgan said this helps in gaining independence in college. 

“Apply for a major that you love and will serve you best,” said Morgan. 

Some students find less success in college because they pick majors and classes based on what they heard they should do from others. It is important to consider the classes a student is interested in first and foremost to increase chances of success and keep motivation when challenges arise. 

Morgan said he deeply cares about creativity and expression of self, and he wants to be in a situation where he can cultivate that creative energy. 

“Securing a good job and exploring new places is a dream of mine so I can expand my worldview,” said Morgan. 

He thinks exploring places other than Florence will help him broaden his horizons and get to know more of his surroundings and the people he comes in contact with over time. 

He said his inspirations are that of creativity and expression of the self. 

Morgan says he also had some challenges along the way in college. For instance, he once had issues with imposter syndrome, where he always felt like a failure whenever he struggled or had to drop a class. 

“I had to recognize that we are all moving at our own paces and that my time was my own,” said Morgan. 

Morgan said it is essential to recognize college is an individual experience, and the timetable of one person may not match others. Morgan concluded by saying the most profound takeaways from college were the benefits of creativity and community.