BCM encourages student involvement

Eleni Gotter, Photographer

Across from the Francis Marion’s third entrance gate stands an ordinary looking building. Although it is often overlooked, take heed, for this building contains people and activities that can change a person’s life at any moment through the messages taught and the things discussed there.

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) is intended for all college students; FMU students, as well as those attending classes at Florence-Darlington Tech, are welcome there. During the semester calendar, people gather on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. at BCM’s weekly meeting for free food, fun and fellowship.

Kendal Danford, BCM Director, said that the organization’s sole purpose is to “reach students with the love of Jesus Christ and challenge them to live like Jesus did.”

BCM is a place where “religious background, race, ethnicity, etc. is not an issue. BCM is here to help build community between all students. Ultimately we are here to make the name of Jesus famous one life at a time,” said Monet Heyward, an FMU graduate and one of the BCM semester missionaries.

Like every year, BCM will be doing some fun and helpful things the first week of fall classes. Freshman move-in day will take place on Saturday, August 21, and many BCMer’s will be involved in helping the freshmen move into their new dorms for the 2010/2011 school year. Many of the BCMer’s may also be met on Monday, August 23, where they will be on campus offering ‘Welcome Back Packs’ to everyone.

The following day BCM will be taking part in the Organization Fair, and then a free cookout will be held on the front lawn of the University Center around 7 p.m. during which the BCM house band will play.

An Open House will be held Thursday, August 24 at the BCM building where games will be played and free ice cream will be served. To top off the week, everyone is invited to join the BCMer’s for a night of Midnight bowling on Friday, August 25 at the All Star Lanes behind the BB&T on North Cashua Drive.

BCM holds its weekly meeting on Tuesday night, beginning at 7 p.m. with a free dinner, followed around 8 p.m. with music performed by the BCM band and the message for the week delivered by a speaker. But that is not all that is offered by this organization; aside from the weekly meetings, there are small group gatherings, missions all around the country and the world, community service opportunities, retreats, various fun activities, intramural sports and statewide conferences are also offered and involvement is encouraged.

Heyward explained why she believes that BCM is a positive experience for everyone.

“[People should join] because it will be an experience of a lifetime,” Heyward said. “It is an organization where you don’t have to meet certain requirements in order to join. You just have to come and you are forever a part of BCM.”

Life-long friendships have been made and will continue to be made through this organization.

“We care about our students and want them to be different when they leave college,” Danford said.

There is more to this ordinary looking building than meets the eye. Explore what Francis Marion’s BCM has to offer. Get excited and remember keep a lookout for all those BCMer’s the first week of classes at FMU campus and the ordinary looking building.