HSA plans fall trip to New York

Josh Knight, Staff Writer

The Honors Student Association (HSA) is offering an upcoming fall honors trip to New York City for student members of the HSA. The trip spans from Wednesday, Nov. 17, to Sunday, Nov. 21.

Attending students will have the opportunity to spend that weekend in New York for a minimal $100 dollars if the student is honors enrolled and $150 if the student is a non-honors enrolled member of HSA. Students must be a member of HSA to attend this trip. The information meeting for the trip will be held Tuesday, Oct. 12, in Founders Hall 222A.

The Francis Marion group will travel to New York via bus. The bus is scheduled is depart Wednesday evening, after most classes have already been dismissed, and to return Sunday evening.

Dr. Pamela Rooks, the faculty liaison for HSA and head of the Honors Program, spoke of the benefits of traveling with an academic program.

“Travel is always broadening,” Rooks said, “It also looks good on your résumé or grad school application, because it shows that you’re willing to take advantage of opportunities beyond the classroom.”

Honors trips generally have a flexible structure. As a rule, there are certain activities in which all attendees are required to participate. However, there is also a considerable amount of free time. Students will be given to time to pursue their personal interests and take part in the various shows, museums, restaurants and other entertainments that New York has to offer.

“There’s more there than you can possibly see in three days,” Rooks said, “but make sure you bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes.”

The group activities will include trips to Ground Zero, Wall Street, China Town and Greenwich Village. Students will also be able go on smaller, more focused trips with professors from Francis Marion. Professors in attendance will take group to monuments, museums and performances pertaining to their specialization. The professors in attendance will be Dr. Pamela Rooks, Professor Keith Best, Dr. Travis Knowles, Dr. Alissa Warters, Dr. Latha Malaiyandi, Dr. Janis McWayne, Dr. Kirk Dineley and Dr. Mark Blackwell.

Dr. Rooks encourages students who wish to take part the trip to be sure to attend the meeting on Oct. 12. The acceptance process works on a first come, first served basis, and the Cashier’s Office will not accept payment for the trip until after the meeting. As a result, students who wish to ensure their place on the trip should attend the meeting with their $100 or $150 in pocket.

“We only have space for forty students,” Rooks said, “and we have over one hundred HSA members this semester … I think it will be a race to the Cashier’s Office.”

Despite the slightly competitive application process, Rooks encourages all HSA enrolled students to take part in the trip.

“I think it’s important to take part in all the opportunities that Francis Marion provides – the Honors Program, but not just the Honors Program,” Rooks said, “and, you know, just push out of your comfort zone. You will not turn into a pillar of salt if you get more than fifty miles away from five points.”