Democratic candidates set to hold political awareness seminar

Jasper Dewitt II, Staff Writer

As Election Day gets closer and closer, the Democratic Party candidates are taking their final stands to get as many votes as they can.

In the hopes of encouraging young voters to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 2, candidates running for offices will be speaking at the Political Awareness Seminar hosted by the College Democrats on Wednesday, Oct. 20.

To help potential voters get a better understanding of their platforms, both candidates will share their positive involvement with their community and expound on the importance of community involvement.

Adviser of the College Democrats Dr. Kirk Dineley of the FMU Biology Department believes that having the event will be a good opportunity for students of Francis Marion to get exposure to important current events.

“I think this event will be a good chance for the group to shine,” Dineley said. “I hope that the youth get encouraged to go out and vote and I hope the group takes the show.”

Democratic candidate for House Seat 60, Benny Webb, and Democratic candidate for Florence City Council, Sam Frye, will be speaking during the Political Awareness Seminar.

South Carolina’s Democratic Party Coordinator for Florence County, Kenshia Williams will also be speaking during the event.

For the past month, the students of the College Democrats have been working closely with the candidates and the Democratic Party Headquarters in hopes of persuading undecided voters. So far, they have helped the candidates hand out flyers and other promotional materials. They have also gone door-to-door in certain suburban neighborhoods in Florence to rally local residents to vote.

The president of the group, Michael Glymph, said that as Election Day approaches they will continue to help the Democratic Party Headquarters and the candidates in any way.

“Our main goal is to help the Democratic Party win the election,” Glymph said.

During the event there will be more announcements to inform the public about some of the things that will be happening leading up to the election. The program is scheduled to start at 6 p.m., and there is not an admission fee to attend the program.

People who are interested about getting more information about the program can email the College Democrats at, or view their facebook page, titled FMU College Democrats.