Carn-Evil masquerade ball attracts over 400 people


Sophomore Ian Wallance challenges others in attendance to a dance-off. A crowd quickly gathered around him to witness his moves at Carn-Evil on Oct. 28.

Jasmine Moultrie, Staff Writer

The University Center (UC) commons was completely transformed from a place for athletes and students to a dance floor for zombies, gypsies and princesses for The Carn-Evil Masquerade on Thursday, Oct. 28.

The event was sponsored by the FMU Diplomats, the University Programming Board and Residence Life.

Approaching the darkened UC, some didn’t know what to expect upon entering the building. A pathway made of black red and silver balloons greeted everyone as they walked inside. The secrecy of the appearance of the UC was maintained until they walked through the streamers. Once they stepped through the streamers, they stepped into the world of Carn-Evil. Lights hung from the banisters overhead, and the room was filled with Halloween decorations.

Students and faculty members showed up in their best Halloween costumes and masks. Some decided to keep it simple while others were more complex and detail-oriented with their costumes.

Over 400 students attended the event, making it the largest attended Halloween party in recent years at FMU.

Amanda Morales, Executive Chair of UPB, commented on what she believed contributed to the event’s success.

“All three organizations coming together is what I believe helped contribute to the success of the event,” Morales said. “Each organization put in a significant amount of hard work in making this event successful, from the promotion flyers, decorations and general planning. It wouldn’t of been able to come together as well as it did without the organizations.”

Morales went on to address the increase in attendance to the event.

“As far as the number of students that attended and participated, this was the largest and most successful Halloween party in recent history at FMU,” Morales said. “Attendance was more than doubled from last year’s event, and student participation was very high. The creativity and enthusiasm of FMU students really helped to make the event a success.”

Students and faculty danced the night away with music from DJ Bronzze, Hawaiian Shirt Day, and Deleveled. At any point in time a person could have looked to their left or right and found themselves dancing beside Raggedy Ann, Mother Nature or The Mario Brothers.

Free food, face paintings and tarot card readings were provided.

There was a costume contest for the best group costume, best individual, best couple, best mask and for school spirit.

Junior Pate Gardner won best homemade costume. He was dressed as the character Alan from the movie “The Hangover.”

Gardener explained how he came up with the idea for his Halloween costume.

“I got the idea at the last minute,” Gardener said. “A lot of my friends tell me that I look like the character off ‘The Hangover’ when I don’t shave after a couple of days. I decided to take their idea and make it work for me.”

Admissions counselors Nikki VanDeWeert and Lisa Knell participated in the fun dressed as an old lady and a mail-order bride.

VanDeWeert explained why she chose her costume.

“I just wanted to have fun, and I knew a lot of younger people were going to be there, so I wanted to do something different,” VanDeWeert said. “Who doesn’t enjoy seeing an old lady dance?”

The organizations have already begun discussing ideas for next year’s Halloween Costume party.

On Thursday, Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. in the UC Commons, UPB and Sigma Gamma Rho will be hosting “Play Out Loud.” This will give the students of FMU an opportunity to perform karaoke, play a wide variety of fun games and interact with each other.