Literary journal plans public reading of accepted works

Shannon Beaudry, Staff Writer

The staff of Snow Island Review has voted on and accepted submissions for their fall 2010 issue. After receiving over 60 written submissions and nine art submissions, the staff accepted 29 written and eight art works.

Snow Island Review is FMU’s literary and art journal. Each semester, a staff of FMU students accepts a number of fellow students’ written and artistic works to be published in the journal.

Sixteen FMU students had written works accepted into the issue: Thomas Buckman, Joshua Knight, Stephon Birch, Alyssa Carver, Alicia Coleman, Kaitlyn Grooms, Mariah Spigner, Shonda Massey, Arielle Buckman, Shannon Pratt, Brad Johannsen, Jessica Upchurch, Charlotte Stephens, Hannah Maltry, Bridget Grant and Shanquila Alston.

The eight accepted art pieces were submitted by three students: Keegan Campbell, Tony Gloster and Adrianna Lovato.

Each submitted work went through a rigorous judging process. Each member of staff read the written works and looked at the art pieces. Each submission was anonymous, so staff members did not know who submitted the work.

Jessica Upchurch, editor of the journal, was pleased with the accepted submissions and said she believes this semester’s issue will have a lot more variety than it usually does.

“I’m really excited about the submissions this year,” Upchurch said. “A lot of new people got involved, which added a new level of accessibility and variety to the journal.”

Anyone who is interested will be able to hear some of the accepted written submissions at this semester’s Snow Island Review reading. This reading is supposed to take place a few days before the Thanksgiving holiday. Snow Island Review will soon place flyers around the school announcing the exact date and location of the reading.

Past readings have been held at places such as Bean Groovy and the Florence Museum. They have involved students and professors reading some of their original works, and there has also been live music played by FMU professors and students.

Melody Pritchard, co-assistant editor of Snow Island Review, said that she believes that the Snow Island Review reading is a very rewarding experience, and she encourages everyone to attend.

“The readings are really fun, and it’s so interesting to hear what the professors read,” Pritchard said. “There’s entertainment and free food, and it’s a great opportunity to get involved with an FMU activity.”

FMU students, faculty, and staff, as well as members of the community, are invited to the Snow Island Reading. It promises to be a good opportunity to experience the creative side of some of FMU’s students and professors.