Zeta Phi Beta sorority hosts Jeopardy

Jasmine Moultrie, Staff Writer

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority took the famous game of Jeopardy and brought it to FMU.

Teams composed of two students competed against each other to answer general knowledge questions to receive the highest amount of points to be named the winner of their round. There was a total of four teams that played.

Shyrle Benjamin, president of Zeta Phi Beta, commented on why the sororities chose the game of Jeopardy.

“We wanted to give the students a game show experience and allow them to interact with other students and give students more knowledge on subjects that they may have not known anything about and to refresh their memory on things that they may have learned previously,” Benjamin said.

In the first round, Team Alpha took on Team Burr. Team Burr consisted of William Gaymon and Henry Watson, and Team Alpha consisted of JerJuan Page and Marcellus Simmons.

In the game, there were four categories with points ranging from $100-$600. The team that won the coin toss proceeded to choose their category, and the questions progressed in difficulty as the point values increased.

Benjamin went on to explain how the categories were chosen.

“We sat down and collectively decided what categories we wanted to have for the students to choose from,” Benjamin said. “We choose categories that would give students more knowledge or that would allow students to re think about previous information that they had already learned.”

Each player was given a bell to chime in their answers, which had to be answered in the form of a question such as “What is 1970?” (which answered the question “The year that Francis Marion University was founded”). This question was a part of the Francis Marion University category. Points were deducted if the players answered the questions incorrectly or chimed in to answer before the question was read completely. Also there was a final Jeopardy question at the end of each round which allowed teams to increase their points.

The categories of round one that the teams could choose from were greek life, authors and poets, African American Inventors and government offices. Team Alpha dominated in the category of greek life while team Burr caught up in the African American inventors category. Both teams battled it out answering questions while team Burr was struggling to keep up with team Alpha they did not go down without a fight. The final score was $5,000 for Team Alpha and $2,800 for Team Burr.

Watson expressed his feelings about the event.

“I enjoyed the game,” Watson said. “Although I wish my team won. I truly learned from the game and I learned from all the different categories and I feel that it should be done again and more people should play.”

The second round consisted of Team Star and Tiqua, Star Steadman and Latiqua Johnson against Jammin’ Jays ,Jacques Cook and Jasmine Moultrie. The categories of round two were Francis Marion University life, geography, name that movie, and African American Singers. Team Star and Tiqua dominated in the geography category while the Jammin’ Jays caught up in the Francis Marion University category. The final score was $0 for team Star and Tiqua and $400 for team Jammin Jays.

Each team that won was awarded a subway gift card.

Zeta Phi Beta will be hosting a Black and White Social located in the Erving Dinning Hall on Nov. 29 at 7p.m. This will be a business etiquette dinner and it is free to all students.