Organization will hold Bingo Night as a stress reliever before final exams

Leah Haselden, Staff Writer

The University Programming Board will hold  Bingo Night on Dec. 6 at 6:30 p.m. in the University Center on campus.

Delia Davis, the weekend programming chair for UPB, said it will be a chance for students to have some fun before exams start.  She was brainstorming ideas for new weekend activities, and she thought Bingo would be a great game to play.

“I love playing Bingo,” Davis said. “The more people there are the more fun it is. I just want everyone to come and enjoy themselves while taking a break from studying for finals.”

Amanda Morales, executive chair of the UPB, is hoping for a big turnout.

“As it is the last weekend before exams, we hope that people will want to come out and relieve some stress,” Morales said. “We will have great prizes, and, as always, we are dedicated to creating awesome events for the students of FMU.  We will do our best to create the ultimate Bingo experience.”

After every few rounds of Bingo, participates will have opportunities to win some prizes such as FMU gear and different gift cards.  Snacks will also be served to those who are in attendance.

The UPB is also hosting “Roc the Mic” on Saturday, Dec. 4.