Campus laundry facilities “go green” with appliances

Jasmine Moultrie, Staff Writer

The Housing Office has made a seven year commitment with the laundry service provider Mac-Gray to reduce the amount of carbon produced by the two laundry facilities on campus.

The carbon emission reduction is meant to help balance out other emissions that cannot be reduced and fight against global warming.

There are a total of 48 new high efficient front-loading washing machines and 54 drying machines that are located in the Erving Dining Hall Laundry room and the Heyward Community laundry room. The new washing and drying machines are more energy and water efficient than the previous washing and drying machines.

Director of Housing Cheryl Tuttle explained how the front-loading washing machines are more efficient than the top-loading washing machines.

“The front-loading washing machines are more water efficient because it only takes one third of the water compared to the top-loading washing machines to wash clothes,” Tuttle said.

The Mac-Gray Company has a Clean & Green vision that focuses on conservation of water, reducing energy consumption and developing environmentally responsible technologies to preserve the planet.

Several new features have been incorporated in order to make doing laundry hassle-free for students. Students can receive text alerts when their clothes are finished washing and drying; bank cards can be used to add money to laundry cards; and students can view washer and dryer availability through the web.

Senior Keita Eaddie, a finance major, has had the opportunity of using both laundry room facilities during her four years at FMU. She discussed the benefits of the new washers and dryers and the new service features provided to students.

“The new features that students can take advantage of are very beneficial to students,” Eaddie said. “It makes doing laundry more convenient. I no longer have to deal with the hassle of waiting for washers and dryers; I can check the availability before stepping out of my apartment. I like the way the company is using technology to cater to the student’s needs. That makes washing clothes easier for us.”

Eaddie also commented on how she worries less about maintenance problems with the new washers and dryers because they are brand new.

“The new washers and dryers are very helpful to the students because students will not have to worry as much about whether the washers and dryers will work properly,” Eaddie said. “That was always a major concern of mine because the money on my laundry card was sometimes limited because sometimes I had to wash my clothes twice because the washing machine didn’t get the excess water out of my clothes or the dryer didn’t dry my clothes completely.”

Sophomore Patrice Weldon, a mass communication major, described how she will benefit from the new services offered to students.

“Even though I don’t wash my clothes at school often, I do believe that being able to use a debit card to add more money onto the laundry cards will be helpful,” Weldon said. “The text alerts will also allow students to do other things while washing clothes, such as studying.”

The laundry facilities are open 24 hours a day, and students can purchase laundry supplies from the vending machine in the Ervin Dining Hall Laundry facility. Any students who experience problems with the machines can go online to and report problems, or call Mac-Gray at 1-800-622-4729.