Spring Career Fair will allow students to discover job options

Jasmine Moultrie, Staff Writer

It’s that time again for students to break out their best professional attire, spruce up their resumes and practice their smiles because the Career Fair is coming to Francis Marion University.

On Wednesday, April 6 students will be given the opportunity to network with various employers to find out about their companies and various positions they have to offer from 12:00 until 2 p.m. in the University Commons.

The Career Fair is hosted by the Office of Career Development. Not only is the fair useful to employers to promote their companies, but it is also useful for the students to see their possible job options after college.

Dollie Newhouse, Director of the Office of Career Development, said that some employers will have part-time positions or internships to offer students who are not ready for a full-time job.

Students attending the Career Fair should dress professionally, come with several copies of their resumes and have a pen /note pad or a portfolio.

Students should also do some research on the employers that will be attending the Career Fair so that they can have a plan to spend more time with the employers they are interested in potentially working for.

Newhouse said that if a student puts in the homework to prepare to meet the recruiters, students can potentially earn an invitation for an interview without leaving campus.

Newhouse also commented on how important professional attire is when attending the Career Fair.

“I cannot stress enough how important it is to dress professionally,” Newhouse said. “It is nearly impossible to overcome the first impression an employer will have of you if you roll up to his booth in jeans and a T-shirt.”

Newhouse offered tips to the students who will attend the Career Fair.

“Students should come to the event ready to talk about themselves,” Newhouse said. “They should think ahead and come up with at least three positive things to mention about their skills or experience. For example, if a student has relevant work experience, even if it is volunteer experience, then she should mention it. Or, if a student has maintained a strong GPA while working or participating in extracurricular activities, he should mention that fact.”

Students can go online to www.fmarion.edu/students/career for a listing of the employers that will attend the Career Fair. The lists of employers are currently growing, so students are encouraged to check often.