First-ever Student Involvement Fair planned

Jasmine Moultrie, Staff Writer

New and returning Francis Marion University students will have an opportunity to get involved in student organizations, community and volunteer organizations at the Student Involvement Fair on Thursday, Sept. 1.

The Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Career Development will be hosting the Student Involvement Fair from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the UC commons and gym.

“The fair is not only for first-time students, but for returning students also,” Assistant Dean of Students LaTasha Brand said. “Being in the classroom helps build your transcript, but being a part of an organization will help build your resume because of the skills you will learn and leadership positions you may hold.”

Director of Career Development Dollie Newhouse said that volunteering is important.

“Students who volunteer acquire real work experience that helps them build resumes,” Newhouse said.

“Also, volunteering is a way to show employers that you are not self-absorbed and that you care about others, which is an important quality to have when you are a part of a team or required to complete group projects at work.”

In the past years, FMU has hosted separately an organization fair and a volunteer and community organization fair. This year, the two fairs will be combined because Brand and Newhouse believe it will be more beneficial to both the students and the organizations.

Brand said that the combination of the two fairs will hopefully increase student attendance to the event. Students can find out about both on-campus and off-campus organizations all in one place.

Brand said that each student should come to the event with an open mind and not be shy about walking up to the organizations to find out information about them. She said that there should be something available for each student.