SIR publishes fall issue, makes plans for 2011-2012

Joseph Conner, Copy Editor

The fall 2011 issue of “Snow Island Review,” Francis Marion University’s student literary and art journal, is now published and being distributed around campus.

English Professor and SIR faculty adviser Dr. Jon Tuttle said that he was very pleased with the new issue.

“This latest SIR is perhaps the best I’ve ever read,” Tuttle said. “I know you don’t believe me, but it’s true. The literature in it is first rate. I sat at the pool reading it a few weeks ago and was really knocked out. The SIR is not just an outlet for creative students wanting to publish; it’s an incentive for them to write more and write better. The competition to get in is suddenly pretty fierce. It’s an impressive book.”

Tuttle said that not only the content but also the look and feel of the journal was impressive.

“They keep getting better looking, don’t they?” Tuttle said. “That’s largely because our layout editor, Michaela Moore, is so gifted and selfless. She’s really worked hard to make the SIR professional-looking, inside and out.”

This academic year, senior English major Staci Poston will serve as editor of the journal.

Poston said that she is very excited about her new position and has a lot of plans.

“SIR really flourished under the previous editor, Jessica Upchurch,” Poston said. “I can’t praise her enough. I hope to continue improving the journal during my time as editor this next school year by increasing both the number of submissions and the number of staff members. I want to really get the word out there and get more students involved.”

Tuttle also praised Upchurch, who was in charge of the newly-published journal.

“Fortunately, our new editor, Staci Poston, is brilliant and tireless, which she’ll have to be as she takes over for Jessica Upchuch, who accidentally graduated and moved on to graduate school,” Tuttle said. “On Staci’s watch, we’re going to launch a website, activate an email address, make ourselves, you know, more of an electronic presence. . . . As the years have gone by, the SIR has become a larger, higher quality journal. That’s a trend we want to continue.”

An interest meeting will be held on Friday, Sept. 2 at 2:30 p.m. The meeting will provide information for students interested in being on staff, submitting works or just learning more about the publication.

“Anyone who wants to know more about SIR or join the staff for this school year should come to the interest meeting,” Poston said. “All classifications and majors are welcome to submit works and be on staff. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, though for some reason people seem to think that they are.”

Poston said that SIR accepts submissions of written and visual artwork including poetry, short stories, plays, drawings, comics and “pretty much anything creative.” Submissions are reviewed and voted upon by the SIR staff members.

Poston said that one of the biggest changes that will take place this year is Snow Island’s switch from being published semiannually to annually. Submissions will still be accepted during both semesters. There will still be a semiannual reading, but the final product will only be published once a year.

“This will allow time for a more thorough screening process of the submissions and give our layout editor, Michaela Moore, more time for design,” Poston said.

Tuttle said that an annual publication would also be both economical and time saving.

“If nothing else, it assures more submissions and therefore, probably, better quality,” Tuttle said.

SIR holds semiannual readings once a semester where students may opt to read their submissions. This fall, SIR will hold their regular reading, but they will also take part in the Pee Dee Fiction and Poetry Festival.

“There will be a Snow Island reading at the Pee Dee Fiction and Poetry Festival this year, which I’m very excited about,” Poston said. “I think that it’s a huge honor to take part in the festival.”

Students who would like more information may contact SIR officials at