Library gets chat feature for students

Melanie Mitchell, Staff Writer

Rogers Library has added a new chat feature to their webpage that allows for students to chat live with a librarian from wherever the student is.

“The goal is to meet the students in their space,” Reference Librarian Nathan Flowers said.

According to Flowers, many other libraries have added similar chat features.  The trends and research of other schools in South Carolina showed positive feedback with a new chat feature. As a result, FMU’s Library Staff worked to add this new feature.

The purpose of the change is to enable students who are having trouble finding a resource or who would just like to ask a question to be able to do that from wherever they are.

Through the chat box, the librarian can send students links to resources or help them in ways that fit their needs.

However, there is one drawback to the chat box. Because it is live, the feature is only available when a librarian is on duty.  For a list of those times, contact Flowers in Rogers Library.

Considering that the start of the semester is not a busy time for Rogers Library, some students may not be aware of the new feature.

“I knew nothing about it, but I’m sure it will come in handy,” sophomore Shakyla Washington said.

“We expect to grow,” Flowers said. “The response from students is optimistic.”

The new chat feature isn’t the only buzz around Rogers Library. There is also a new addition of resources known as LibGuide.

LibGuides are a list of disciplines alphabetically arranged. From the list of disciplines, a student can choose a subject within the discipline. From there, the student can choose a subject and get directed to related resources.

The addition of LibGuides is aimed toward making it easier for students to find information.

Both the chat box and LibGuide features are located on the homepage of the Rogers Library webpage. There is also a chat box on the LibGuides feature link.

Flowers wants students to remember that the chat box is located next to the LibGuides if they are having trouble looking something up.