Students socialize during Ultimate Mingle

Melanie Mitchell, Staff Writer

Campus Recreation and the University Programming Board  (UPB) collaborated for the second time to host this year’s Ultimate Mingle. Students of different classifications came out to play games, sing and enjoy some ice cream on Aug. 23 in the University Center during Welcome Week.

“We wanted to host an event where students can come and talk and actually meet each other. We’ve tried a group movie in the past and found that last year’s Mingle was a success with students,” said LaTasha Brand, Assistant Dean of Students and adviser for UPB.

Derrick Young, Director of Campus Recreational Sports, had similar remarks to add.

“You can only study but so much,” Young said.

During the event, several board games were available including Uno, Life and Connect Four, to name a few. Some students battled each other on the popular video game Call of Duty. There was also a karaoke booth set up in which many students participated.

“The ice cream added a nice touch to compliment the already enjoyable evening,” sophomore Jovonnie Cunningham said. “I was surprised to see so many freshmen. They seem more social than our class last year.”

UPB is a student organization on campus designed to provide the student body with extracurricular activities. The aim is to provide students with opportunities to interact with each other through multiple platforms in the hope that campus life will be enhanced.