Carnevil 2: Revenge of the Masquerade is in the works

Chelsea Barlow, Staff Writer

For the second year in a row, FMU Diplomats and the University Programming Board (UPB) are partnering together in order to host Carnevil 2:  Revenge of the Masquerade on Thursday, Oct. 27.

Last year’s Carnevil event brought in over 400 students, and Diplomats and UPB have the intent to turn it in to a recurring event by expanding on ideas from last year’s event.

Originally, Carnevil was planned so that students would be able to participate in Halloween, even though the age of trick or treating has been surpassed.

UPB member Kerry Smith, who is a senior majoring in business management and marketing, said that he feels as if the spirit of Halloween should be shared amongst students.

“Halloween is a good holiday, but after a certain age, we don’t really celebrate, so we as a group wanted to spread the Halloween sprit,” Smith said.

This year’s theme will be Carnevil 2: Revenge of the Masquerade and both organizations are planning on making it better than last year.

While the basic idea of the event will remain the same with a traditional costume contest, face painting, and the utilization of a disc jockey as a source for music, there are several changes in store in hopes to reach a goal of 500 students attending the event.

More food and candy will be provided this year, since there was not enough food for  the large number of students who showed up to last year’s event.

Diplomat member Zach Wilson, a senior majoring in computational physics and math, has high hopes for this year’s Carnevil.

“Last year was amazing, this year will be better, and hopefully we can keep building it up for the years to come,” Wilson said.

Since the event is sticking to a masquerade theme, UPB and Diplomats are hoping to have masks on hand that students can obtain at the sign-in table. However, masks and costumes are not a requirement to attend.

One thing both organizations are trying to work on is promotion. Not many students knew about last year’s events beforehand. This year, however, UPB and Diplomats are advertising earlier.