Fall Fest offers free fun

Lillian Miller, Sports Writer

Fall Fest, an annual event planned by the University Programming Board (UPB), was alive on campus Oct. 26.

Fall Fest is designed to let students burn off a little steam after a long semester of working hard. Everything was free to students.

LaTasha Brand, Assistant Dean of Students, was one of the people in charge of planning Fall Fest.

“This is something we offer every year in the fall season to let students have a good time,” Brand said. “We try and put together activities that interest everyone, and we try and have something kids can walk away with, so they can remember the moment.”

Every year, Fall Fest has new games to help liven up the day. This year they had Blitz Ball and the Sign Shop.

Blitz Ball is a type of paint-less paintball. It is set in an obstacle course, and players shoot foam balls from guns rigged with aerosol cans.

Deizmond Kelly, a sophomore majoring in secondary education and a member of UPB, said that she enjoyed the food at Fall Fest.

“My favorite part is the food,” she said. “Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and brownies is the way to go.”

Another attraction was the gaming station. There were four stations, each with a different gaming system.

Amber Johnson, a freshman majoring in early childhood education, played a dancing game on the Xbox Kinect.

“It’s great that FMU has things like Fall Fest because it gives me something to do besides homework,” Johnson said. “This is the first time I have been to Fall Fest, and I am definitely planning on going again next year.”

The longest line was found in front of the Sign Shop table. The Sign Shop is a way for students to take a memento of their day home with them.

The purpose was to create a unique street or plaque with a student’s favorite team, name, nickname or phrase. Many students were pleased by the concept of having a unique sign.

The UPB hosts Spring Fest in April.  This event is similar to Fall Fest, but it features different activities.