Housing Office hosts Halloween Social with murder mystery

Tiffany Roper, Staff Writer

Several groups of curious students gathered at the front desk of the Housing Office, trying to solve the murder mystery that took place at the Halloween Social on Monday, Oct. 31 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The Halloween Social consisted of a murder mystery entitled “The Spookum Hill Halloween Murder Mystery” that was organized by the Housing Office’s Assistant Director of Operations Miyosha Streets.

“We try to do different things to get the students involved,” Streets said. “The past couple of years we’ve done Halloween Hall Wars, so this year we wanted to do something different.”

The murder mystery contained similarities to the game “Clue.” Each member of the Housing Office staff, as well as a resident assistant, dressed up as one of eight different characters who were attendees to the “Annual Halloween Haunted House Party at the mansion of Simon McCobb.”

The eight characters involved in the murder mystery were Yvonne Dubois, Evilicious, Rebecca Price, Captain Bluebeard, Brunnhilda McCobb, Boo McCobb, Herb Goldman and Cecilia Deeds.

After the scenario of the murder was described to the students, participants were instructed to interview each of the eight characters through mingling as though they were at the actual party in the mansion.

They were to use the information given to them regarding the character’s motive, weapon and opportunity in order to formulate their questions.

After the killer, Rebecca Price, played by Assistant Director of Housing Lakena Gamble, was revealed, five winners were ultimately awarded with bags of candy for correctly guessing the murderer’s identity.

Unlike other school events and organizations, the Housing Office staff played out each role themselves instead of seeking out and paying vendors to conduct the event. Free refreshments, such as cookies, cupcakes and beverages, were available to attendees as well.

According to Streets, an estimated 50 students and residents attended the Halloween Social, and there were 22 murder mystery submissions, whether the students worked alone or in teams in attempts to find out who killed the “wealthy owner of the McCobb estate.”

“It was excellent,” Streets said. “I was so excited; it was such a good turnout.”

The Housing staff created this event in hopes of interacting with the students and residents even more than usual.

“(The social) allowed us a chance to get to know some of our students, especially our freshmen, a little better,” Director of Housing Cheryl Tuttle said. “My favorite part was seeing some of the students get into the role of detective.”

Streets added that she also enjoyed getting to mingle with students during the event.

“That was the good thing about having the murder mystery because they got to interact with us a little more so that when they come in the office, they will feel a little comfortable talking to us,” Streets said.

Housing Office Admin-istrative Assistant Christian Belk, who acted out the role of Herb Goldman, said that he enjoyed seeing how well each staff member got into character, as well as the turnout of the event.

“I thought it was good,” Belk said. “A lot of students showed up – a lot more than I really expected to – and everybody participated, so it was good.”

Assistant Director of Housing Terence Jackson said that he also enjoyed dressing up for the day and playing his character, Captain Bluebeard.

“I think the students were very enthusiastic, and they really want to see this program done every year,” Jackson said. “Just walking around and having the students and the residents ask me questions, knowing I am one of the Assistant Directors, was very thrilling.”