Student Alumni Association works to give back to school community

Melissa Rollins, Staff Writer

The Student Alumni Association is a way for current students to prepare for life after graduation and for former students to give back to the school community.

The group raises money by holding two Phone-a-thons a year. The fall FMU Fund Phone-a-thon is to raise “unrestricted funds.” This money will be used around the school wherever improvements are needed.  The spring Phone-a-thon focuses on getting more alumni to join the SAA.

Julian Young, the staff advisor for the group, said that he believes the purpose of the SAA should be to serve the community.

“The way I see it, it is serving others,” Young said. “We really want to be servant-minded. In doing so, we remain connected.”

The Boys and Girls Club was one of the community outreach programs that the SAA has partnered with before. Another project was a chicken bog that was held to raise money for someone who needed a heart transplant but could not afford it on their own.

The SAA has many other benefits for current students. The group holds events each semester that allow students to network with alumni, which could help in finding a job after graduation.

The SAA also has a Mentor Program. This program gives students the chance to be mentored by alumni. When members become seniors, they are also given the chance to shadow an alumnus in their workplace.

There are requirements that students must meet to be part of the SAA. Along with the $15 membership fee, per school year, students must also have at least a 2.0 GPA.

Each member also has to have eight hours of community service each semester, either on campus or with non-profit groups in the surrounding areas.