Delta Sigma Theta sorority celebrates founding of XI Omicron chapter at FMU


Delta Sigma Theta President LeAndra Keller, a senior majoring in mass communication, speaks to sorority members about the organization’s FMU chapter founding back in 1977.

Melissa Rollins, Staff Writer

Delta Sigma Theta celebrated the day their sorority was founded in The Heyward Community Center on Friday, Jan. 13.

The Xi Omicron chapter at FMU was started in 1977 while the school was still Francis Marion College. It took two years for the founders to get enough women involved in the organization before they were successful in getting it started.

The gathering at the community center included a PowerPoint presentation that paid homage to the women who came before them, listing the names of all of the women who were in the original sorority at Howard University

After the presentation, all the Deltas were treated to food, including cupcakes that were frosted in the sorority colors of crimson and cream.

Delta member Jessica Ellis sang the song “She’s A Delta” to the group, dedicating it to all of her “sisters” who were present for the commemoration. Another sorority member read the poem “A Room Full of Sisters.”

Senior mass communication major LeAndra Keller, the sorority president, has been a member for two years. Keller said that the organization focuses on things that make its members productive members of society.

“I wanted to be part of something that was bigger than me,” Keller said. “We do a lot of community service projects like adopt a highway. We collect cans for Harvest Hope Food Bank, and we also have reading programs for girls, like our Delta Academy.”

Keller said that of all the great opportunities that come from being a Delta, the best was being able to give back to the community.

LaKeshia Glasgow has been a member for two years. She said that she joined Delta Sigma Theta because the ideals of the sorority were things that she grew up with and wanted to be.

“I strongly believe in what they stand for,” Glasgow said. “I grew up with role models that were strong women,  and I wanted to be like them. This sorority encourages women to be strong.”

Glasgow also said that she enjoys the community service opportunities the sorority provides, as well as the networking that the group offers to her.

Junior mass communication major Andrea Fleming is a recent member. She has only been in the organization for 10 months but she said that when she looks at those around her, “seeing the sisterhood, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Fleming also said that in her time with the sorority she has been involved in service projects with the American Red Cross, The Boys and Girls Club and Adopt a Highway.