University accepting applications for summer orientation leaders

Veronica Stark, Assistant Editor

Students interested in becoming an Orientation Leader for summer 2012 can turn in applications until Friday, March 9.

Coordinator of Orientation and Provisional Programs Maggie Gause said  that they are going to hire 15 to 20 students as Orientation Leaders so they can share their own experiences with incoming students. Applications are available in Stokes Administration Building 116.

Gause also said another aspect of being an Orientation Leader is being able to motivate new students to connect with FMU and having good communication skills while answering questions related to academics and student life.

“They really ‘run’ Orientation,” Gause said. “I do all the planning ahead of time so when the Orientation Leader picks up their schedule and students, everything is ready for them to hit the ground running,”

Students interested in applying must have two letters of recommendation and a 2.5 grade point average. Orientation Leaders must be active on campus, have a good personality and strong team working skills.

Rachel Rushing, a sophomore Psychology major, was an Orientation Leader last summer, and she enjoyed her time meeting other students.

“I like being an Orientation Leader because it enables me to meet most of the incoming students and help them get to know cam-pus,” Rushing said.

Being an Orientation Leader includes checking in and welcoming all new students and families, attending all Orientation sessions and escorting new students around campus while assisting them with their course schedule.