Spring Fest to offer relaxation

Nicole Guest, Staff Writer

The Annual FMU Spring Fest will be held by the University Programming Board (UPB) on Wednesday, April 4 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the University Center  front lawn.

It is an event that is traditionally held on most college campuses, marking a new season.

Assistant Dean of Students Latasha Brand is one of the organizers behind the event.

“It lets students relax for the day,” Brand said.  “It’s a great opportunity to have a good time while competing against your friends.”

Activities will include an obstacle course and a gladiator joust. “Mario Kart,” “Call of Duty” and “Rock Band” will be available at an Xbox station as well.

“It’s a set of four different screens where students can play various games,” Brand said.

Last year, Spring Fest featured a booth in which students could sing and create music videos.  A  lot of people, though, complained about the poor quality of the recorded videos.

Students enjoyed the idea of the booth, so a different activity with the same concept will be featured in this year’s Spring Fest.  There will be a booth where students can record a song and get it on to a CD.

Since students also wanted to take away more items, there will be key chains and other items that can be customized with their pictures.

At every individual section, there will be a radio playing music. Loud speakers with music will not be played since the event occurs during some classes.

Lunch will be provided by the UPB and catered by Sodexo, the company that provides the food at Ervin Dining Hall.

The company providing the equipment for the activities is LEG from Michigan.  Dean Brand thanked Chair of Social Events Deswayana Jones for planning the event.

“Miss Jones did a lot of the legwork of this spring event during the fall semester to find the company for this event,” Brand said.

Brand also said that there was a lot of research involved since this event has received favorable ratings from students. Not only do students enjoy it, but so does the UPB staff, according to Brand.

Students who enjoy this event will experience some new activities this year.  It is free, and students only need their student ID to get in.