Phi Alpha Theta holds event to unite students

Jonathan Rainey, Staff Writer

Phi Alpha Theta hosted the Irish Film Festival on Friday, April 6, which saw a collection of members and non-members gather for food, games and films.

The event immediately followed the religion and philosophy lecture, also hosted by Phi Alpha Theta, and provided an opportunity for members and non-members to interact with each other, play games, and watch Irish films and shows.

Colleen Kennedy, a junior history major, said that it was a good turnout for the event, and that she really enjoyed getting to know people in the relaxed environment.

“[Events such as this] help promote morale and togetherness for the organizatio,” Kennedy said.  “Starting out, we had more than 20 people.”

Although the event was called the Irish Film Festival, the main events of the evening were the games.  Texas Hold ‘Em and Apples to Apples were played, and a Wii was also provided.

In a separate room from the games, however, a projector played episodes of the Irish sit-com, “Father Ted.”

“Father Ted” is an Irish television program focused on the lives of several Roman Catholic priests living on Craggy Island.

Shelly Wills, a senior history major, also attended the event.  She said that the Irish Film Festival is only a small part of what Phi Alpha Theta does.

“It’s definitely something that everyone should experience.” Wills said. “Everyone should want to become a member of Phi Alpha Theta. It’s a great group, and we do lots of other fun activities.”

Phi Alpha Theta hosts and supports events throughout the year like the annual visit to the Renaissance Fair in North Carolina, Fort Sumter in Charleston and the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia.