Resident Life holds relationship forum


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Resident Assistant Asia Isadore hosts “No Boys Allowed,” a relationship forum held on April 5 in the Heyward Community Center. Female students and Isadore discussed their feelings about males.

Melanie Mitchell, Staff Writer

A group of 21 female students gathered on April 5 at 6 p.m. in the Heyward Community Center to discuss the only thing not allowed in the room: Boys.

Resident Life’s “No Boys Allowed” program was hosted by Asia Isadore, a first-year resident assistant.

“I was glad a good amount of people came,” Isadore said, when asked of her first reactions to the event.

Isadore opened the event by asking everyone to share their name, classification and one fact about guys. Some audience members responded by saying “guys are sneaky,” “they lie” and “are only out for one thing.”

This intro allowed for open dialogue between Isadore and the audience to discuss their thoughts freely throughout the program.

“It was opinionated, and that’s what I was kind of going for,” Isadore said.

Isadore also shared facts about domestic violence. According to statistics she told, five of the females had previous experience with domestic violence, or they would in the future. Following this information, Isadore told the audience some signs of domestic violence.

The forum wrapped with a light-hearted discussion of “funny dating scenarios” where audience members shared stories of their experiences.

“It was fun,” Kenya Carson, a freshman majoring in education said. “It opened up my eyes more.”

Bria Little, a freshman majoring in psychology, said she enjoyed the event, which served as a reminder.

Isadore said she looks forward to next year and is anticipating hosting a similar event.

“I know what to do next time and what not to do next time,” Isadore said. “You live and you learn.”

Refreshments and condoms were provided to the women who attended the event.