TKE sponsors American Red Cross blood drive


Freshman Tau Kappa Epsilon member Adam Hoffa and junior Zeta Tau Alpha member Lindsay Smith share information at the American Red Cross blood drive across from The Grille on April 11.

Veronica Stark, Assistant Editor

Fifty-nine FMU students attended an American Red Cross blood drive hosted by the fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) on Wed-nesday, April 11.

The blood drive collected 61 units of blood. Although 59 students donated blood, more people wanted to participate but were turned down because of the many qualifications involved.

Sophomore biology major and TKE Secretary George Broach is a universal donor and donated two units of blood. He explained the significance of hosting the blood drive.

“We are hosting the blood drive to try and save lives, kids and families,” Broach said.

It was freshman biology major Morgan Mason’s first time giving blood, and she said she was a little nervous but would do it again.

“My experience was good. They were really nice and made sure I was comfortable,” Mason said.

Mason said she wanted to donate blood to help people and to find out her blood type.

The students who donated blood received T-shirts. Also, everyone who donates in April gets their name entered into a drawing for two Delta airline tickets.

Phlebotomist and Coll-ections Technician Brooke Alvey, who recently graduated Florence Darlington Technical College, took the blood donations.

She explained that the American Red Cross takes the donations to Columbia for processing and then gives it to local hospitals in South Carolina.

Blood can only be able donated every 56 days. Donors cannot be on antibiotics, and if the person has tattoos, it has to be from a licensed facility.