Open house promotes Career Development

Alexis Johnson, Managing Editor

In order to expand awareness of its presence on campus, the FMU Office of Career Development will host an open house on Wednesday, Oct. 17 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Smith University Center, room 210.

Proposed by the new director of career development, Dr. Ron Miller Jr.[JMM1] , the purpose of the open house is twofold.

“It’s part of an outreach; I want the students, staff, faculty and alumni to know that we’re here [because] many people in our community don’t know we exist,” Miller said. “Once they find out where we’re located, I want them to know what we do.”

Miller also says that he hopes to introduce the FMU community to the office’s staff.

“I’d like them to be able to meet the staff so they can put a name with a face, and know that we’re friendly, qualified and here to serve them,” Miller said.

According to Miller, door prizes, including career development tote-bags, candy and two gift cards to 301 Drive-In will be awarded at the open house. Miller noted the significance behind the gift cards.

“A lot of our students like to eat there, and it’s a good local establishment owned by an FMU alumnus,” Miller said.

Miller says he hopes that the open house will allow students to understand the importance of the office.

“I’m hoping the open house shows students that we are not just here for seniors; we are also here for freshman, sophomores and juniors,” Miller said. “We’re not just here for one point in their career; we’re here to serve them throughout their college career and beyond.”

The Office of Career Development offers services to both students and alumni including career planning, resume and curriculum vitae formation and critique and mock interviews.