SIR welcomes new assistant editors

Justin McGee, Senior Copy Editor

FMU’s student literary and art journal, the Snow Island Review (SIR), is now accepting students’ fall submissions as well as new members to the staff. This semester, SIR has also introduced new leadership positions on staff.

The fall submissions will be combined with the spring 2013 submissions for publication instead of being published independently. Shanae Giles, a senior English-professional writing major and Editor of SIR, said publishing both semesters’ submissions in the same issue worked well last year.

“This year, we are going to publish only one big journal in the spring that contains the fall and spring submission,” Giles said. “We did this last year as well, and it was a big success; it really makes the journal look more professional.”

The journal has added new positions to their leadership staff this semester: senior English-professional writing major Rebecca Hughey is the Fiction/Non-Fiction Assistant Editor, senior political science major Shaquana Adams is the Poetry Assistant Editor and freshman Summer Bradham is the Artwork Assistant Editor. Giles said she is appreciative of the new positions.

“These ladies will help make my job much, much easier!” Giles said.

This year, Giles is interested in publishing more nonfiction pieces in SIR.

“I’m on the lookout for more nonfiction writing,” Giles said. “Our journal last year didn’t have any nonfiction, so I’d like to broaden our material by including more.”

In order to submit, students leave a hard copy of their work as well as a digital copy on a CD or a flash drive in the SIR’s submission box, placed in the Writing Center, which is located at FH 114-C. The length limit for written works is eight pages, or approximately 2,000 words. Students are able to submit four written works and four pieces of artwork.  A more in depth list of guidelines for submissions can be found on flyers in the SIR boxes outside of the English Department.

For students interested in submitting to SIR, the deadline is Oct. 26th, and if any student is interested in being on the SIR staff, Giles will accept new members until Oct. 16th.

For more information about SIR, students may email Giles at or faculty adviser Dr. Jon Tuttle at Past issues of SIR can be found online at