Halloween party attracts hundreds


Students receive the option of getting their face painted at the third annual Carn-Evil Halloween Party.

Robyn McNeil, Staff Writer

Hundreds of students were in attendance at the third annual Carn-Evil Halloween party held in the University Commons on Wednesday, Oct. 31st from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m.

This was the third year that FMU has hosted the event.  Dean of Students and University Programming Board (UPB) Adviser Latasha Brand expressed enthusiasm about the number of students who attended the party and explained why she believes the event is popular.

“The turnout this year was great; we had over 500 students in attendance,” Brand said.     “Carn-Evil is popular because it generates excitement among students, who always have a good time at the event.”

According to Brand, the UPB has hosted Halloween parties independently in previous years.  However, the UPB chose to begin working with other student organizations to increase campus interest in the event.

This year the UPB partnered with the FMU Diplomats to produce Carn-Evil.  The UPB was responsible for the selection of the music entertainment and the refreshments, which was provided by Sodexho Catering Service.  The Diplomats selected the theme, “Heaven and Hell,” and provided decorations.  The organizations worked together to plan the activities.

Admissions Counselor and Diplomats Adviser Antwan Jacobs explained that the Diplomats selected the theme “Heaven and Hell” to allow students to playfully express the good or more rebellious nature of their personality.

“We wanted to give students the opportunity to play on their personalities and become someone else for the night,” Jacobs said.

Alexandra McMillian, a senior majoring in biology, expressed enthusiasm about the costumes and explained why she enjoyed wearing them.

“The best part about Carn-Evil is getting dressed up and showing our creativity through the costumes that we choose to wear,” McMillian said.

Prizes were given for best costume.  Students voted for one boy and one girl who they felt wore the most creative and unique costumes. The winners of the contest were given a t-shirt, book bag and $25 gift card provided by the Patriot Bookstore.

A haunted house and a petting zoo were other activities featured at the event.  According to Diplomat member, Jasmine Wright, a junior majoring in mass communication, the purpose of these activities was to celebrate the spirit of Halloween by thrilling and exciting students.

The haunted house was set up inside the UC.  Members of the participating organizations dressed in monster costumes and attempted to scare students as they walked through the house.

At the petting zoo stations, students were instructed to place their hands inside a series of covered boxes.  Each box contained a substance that felt like brains, worms or eyeballs when touched by the students.

Kiara Gore, a junior majoring in biology, was in attendance and explained why she believes campus events like Carn-Evil benefit students.

“Events like Carn-Evil are a great thing because they allow students to come together and take a break from their studies for a couple of hours,” Gore said.