Resident Assistants talk with students about sex


Students wear drunk vision goggles in preparation for games.

Sarah Baxi, Staff Writer

The Safe Sex Olympics taught a practical lesson on Tuesday, Oct. 16. The event was hosted by four Resident Assistants, Shauntavia Horlbeck, Jacques Cook, Byron McCanter and Clarissa Chestnut.

The purpose of this event was to teach students about the consequences of unprotected sex and the effects of being drunk. The Safe Sex Olympic games included: lube thumb wrestling, pregnant belly relay races, sperm count guessing and experiencing the effects of being drunk with drunk vision goggles.

McCanter emphasized that the event was supposed to teach in an amusing way.

[“The purpose was to] raise awareness for safe sex in a fun and social way,” McCanter said.

Cook said that the key to this event’s success is the nonjudgmental environment.

“The purpose of this event was for the student body to come out and learn more about safe sex and to learn about treatable diseases and not treatable diseases all of in a fun atmosphere that’s not judgmental,” Cook said.

This was the first time the event has been celebrated on campus. Cook thinks that the event will be held again.

“Through the activities, students could learn more about be aware,” Cook said. “This was a trial event to see how effective it would. I think it should be done in years to come. I think it can be a more campus wide event; I specially think that it would be to keep influencing safer sex and talk about alcohol as we did the program,” Cook said..