Former Miss FMU works with new students

Former Miss FMU works with new students

Alumni Stanton poses in Italy

Shanae Giles, Staff Writer

On any normal day of the week, visitors and students alike will find FMU alumni Lauren Stanton hard at work in the Admissions Office working with new and potential students. Stanton currently works as an Admissions Counselor in the Stokes Administration Building, but just three short years ago, she also roamed the halls as a student.

A native of Florence but raised in Pamplico, South Carolina, Stanton attended Hannah-Pamplico High School and was accepted into FMU in 2005. As an undergraduate, she majored in Biology with two collaterals in Chemistry and Gender Studies.

Stanton wasn’t just another face in the crowd during her four years at FMU. She was involved in a number of student organizations including becoming Miss FMU, Orientation Leader, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Ars Medica, student marshals and the ARCH (Advancing Rural Community Health) program where Stanton shadowed at a hospital. ARCH is a paid medical internship that students can apply for during their junior year.

“I think it’s one of the best programs we have here,” Stanton said. “If you’re thinking of the medical or dentistry field, it’s the best hands-on experience.”

After receiving her degree in 2009, Stanton took a trip across town to Florence Darlington Tech where she taught 100-level Biology courses and four anatomy labs. She soon left her small town to attend Physician’s Assistant (PA) school at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Realizing that PA school wasn’t the path she wanted, Stanton returned to FMU where she was offered the position as an Admission’s Counselor in January 2011. Now, in addition to working at FMU, she is studying to receive her Masters in Business Administration. Stanton said that she would like to stay at FMU after receiving her masters and work towards a director or administrator position as well as a PhD.

“Try and do a little bit of everything and find your interests early,” Stanton said as advice to future graduates. “It was good and bad for me; it helped me narrow things down and gave me the ability to know that I was capable of other things and wasn’t just trapped in one path.”

Aside from her work and school, Stanton also enjoys spending time with her nieces.

“I have a 10-year-old and a 5 year-old niece. I get them as much as I can and take them to the movies, go on trips and shop and work on science projects…It’s not technically a hobby, but I love it.”

Stanton also enjoys the unique hobby of restoring antique furniture. She shops at Goodwill and antique shops all over the state looking for old dressers, side tables and chairs to restore to their original glory.

Many may also know “Lauren Stanton” formerly as “Lauren Benton.” Stanton recently married her high school sweetheart in April 2012 in Pamplico and honeymooned in Italy.

Stanton looks forward to receiving her MBA in December, advancing her career at FMU and eventually starting a family.