Students to visit Spain

Robyn McNeil, Copy Editor

Students majoring and minoring in Spanish will experience the culture firsthand when FMU’s International Exchange Committee (IEC) sponsors a trip to Spain on Tuesday, May 7th.

Dr. Kristin Kiely, assistant professor of Spanish, will supervise the students who attend the trip.  Kiely explained that the trip will allow students to go beyond the classroom and make a personal connection to the culture.

“I want students to experience a culture different from their own,” Kiely said.  “They will finally be able see and touch what it is they’ve learned about.”

The trip will be one week long. During that time, six students from upper level Spanish courses will visit historical landmarks and important monuments in the cities of Madrid, El Escorial, Toledo and Segovia.

This will be the first year that IEC, in partnership with the Spanish Department, has sponsored a trip to Spain.  The total cost of the trip will be $2,000 per student. However, the university will pay half of the fee.

According to Kiely, President Fred Carter has contributed to the success of the university’s foreign studies program and believes that studying abroad benefits students.

“President Carter has been a great catalyst for the university’s abroad studies program,” Kiely said.  “He wants students to be exposed to things beyond what they know and are used to.”

Carter has supported the IEC, who is responsible for maintaining relations between FMU and international colleges, as well as establishing the university’s abroad studies program, by providing the organization with funding.

Carter expressed enthusiasm about the trip and explained why he feels that it is important for students to become familiar with other cultures.

“There’s so much to learn from other nationalities and cultures,” Carter said.  “Getting to know individuals of diverse backgrounds is an invaluable part of the college education because it broadens student’s understanding of different peoples.”

For more information about the trip and the application process visit Professor Kiely in room CEMC 113D or contact her by e-mail at