Staff offers guidance

Robyn McNeil, Copy Editor

Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 30th, FMU faculty and staff will begin offering academic and career guidance during the third annual Patriot Student Success Program.

Assistant Dean of Students Dr. Daphne Carter-McCants explained why the university chose to develop the program and said she feels students would benefit from the service.

“[The faculty] wants to help students develop good intrapersonal skills, overall communication and become effective listeners,” Carter-McCants said.  “Without communication and listening skills, they won’t be able to compete in the job market and in their careers.”

The program, which will last through mid-April, consists of five workshops and is specifically designed for second-semester freshmen.  Several departments have co-developed workshops and participate in the program.

The Department of Psychology will help attendants develop study strategies by identifying individual learning styles.  The English Department will sponsor a workshop to improve writing skills.  The Department of Mathematics will illustrate the importance of math in daily life.

The office of Academic and Student Affairs will work with students to help them find a career path that best suits their personal interests.

Carter-McCants expressed enthusiasm about the program and hopes it will serve as a character-builder that will assist students in their academic and professional lives.

“I hope that students will gain the skills and confidence needed to become successful in all aspects of life.  The goal of this program is to not only serve as a retention tool, but provide students with the tools they need to become successful communicators and problem-solvers.”

For more information about the time, date and location of each workshop contact Dr. Carter-McCants by phone at 661-1188 or by e-mail at