Alumna Perteka utilizes PR degree at Bravo!


FMU alumna Sarah Perteka poses in Bravo!’s lobby.

Nisheeka Simmons, Staff Writer


Francis Marion University alumna Sarah Perteka is now an event consultant and wedding coordinator for Bravo!, a full-service rental and event planning business, in Florence, her native city.

Perteka, who graduated with a major in mass communication-public relations and a minor in business, said she was first introduced to the career during a social engagement held at FMU.

“I already knew the owner, and I happened to see them at this event on campus,” Perteka said. “I said ‘Hey I need to complete an internship, would you be open to that?’  In the end, they were and I began an internship there in January of my senior year.”

When it comes to her experiences at FMU, Perteka said what really stood out for her was the environment. The close-knit community, Perteka said, is what makes the university different from a lot of other schools.  As a part of the first graduating class of Leadership FMU, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and the Greek counsel, Perteka explained that it was her involvement on campus that encouraged her to pursue event planning.

“I always knew that I wanted to plan events and I did a lot of it in Zeta with things like Big Man on Campus,” Perteka said. “Zeta was a big experience for me. We were taught managing, how to work in groups and delegation. I learned a lot from it.”

According to Perteka, the mass communication department was also a close-knit community.  Everyone would see each other often, Perteka explained, so students and professors got to know each other.

Perteka said that one of the proudest moments of her academic career was the success of her advanced public relations presentation.

“Just pouring your heart into something and getting a good grade makes you feel good inside,” Perteka said.  “I still have my little book I presented from.”

Perteka’s passion for public relations has since been transmitted into an intense love for what she does at Bravo! With her job, Perteka gets to plan the particulars of events, both big and small in size.  Examples of her handy-work include the Myrtle Beach Memorial Day Parade and the Bravo! Bridal Expo. Perteka explained that the company deals in more than event planning.

“We also do rentals of various capacities,” Perteka said. “We can rent you a space for a wedding or we can rent you a table for a yard sale.”

Another aspect of her career that Perteka enjoys is the creative environment. One of the best things about what she does, Perteka said, is seeing the look on a client’s face after Bravo! completes their vision.

According to Pe        rteka, one of the goals of the company is to show clients that they do not have to have a lot of money in order to have a beautiful event.

“You do not have to have a million dollars to put on your dream wedding, and that is what we try to prove here,” Parteka said.

For more information about Bravo! and its services contact Sarah Parteka at (843) 413-0525 or visit