Students chosen for Media Discovery Trip


ass communication students and Professor Lundberg plan to visit New York City for spring break.

Anthony Gregg, Copy Editor

As spring break draws closer, six mass communication students prepare themselves to travel to New York City to engage with working professionals as they tour the various media outlets the city has to offer. The following students will be participants in the 2013 Media Discovery Trip to New York City: Junior and senior mass communication majors Diana Levy, Brooke Holden, Eric Pearson, Summer Turner, Armand Broady and Melanie Mitchell.

These students were recognized based upon their distinguished academic records and their willingness to participate in the many related events offered by the department. As part of the application process, the chosen students had to write and submit a letter detailing how their participation would benefit them with both short and long-term goals.

Some of the outlets the students will visit are CBS This Morning, Good Morning America, ABC News with Diane Sawyer, The Katie Couric Show, The Chew, New York Times and Sports Illustrated. Many of the students, such as Holden, have already tailored the various outlets to their own personal interests and future goals.

“As an aspiring journalist, the Media Discovery trip is going to be what puts the sparkle in my eye,” Holden said. “It will keep me mindful of ‘oh the places I will go’ as said by Dr. Seuss! This trip will give me insight, knowledge and confidence to go in the directions of my dreams. I will build relationships and make memories that will last a lifetime.”

Not only do the students have high hopes for the trip, Associate Professor of mass communication Maria Lundberg holds high expectations for her students. Her ultimate desire is that students will transform their newly found knowledge into realistic practice in the real world.

“I want to expose them to a lot of areas that they can consider as career options,” Lundberg said. “I hope that it will inspire them—I also hope that it will get them to apply what they do in class to real life.”

Mitchell and Holden have created an online blog journal for the Mass Communication Department.  While the participants were not required to keep a journal of their experiences during the trip, they are encouraged by the professor to write short entries chronicling their experiences. They will also upload videos and pictures showing others at the university what they have done.

Lundberg hopes that their sharing will arouse interest in other students who wish to secure a job within the media.  The blogs will also allow the Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) funds that will support the trip to remain promised to students in the near future.

The QEP grant will cover most of the students’ expenses, including their train ticket, hotel suite, subway card and media admissions. Lundberg suggested that each student should pay at least 250 dollars for meals that will not be covered by the QEP Grant.