Students to publish Spec/trum Magazine

Students to publish Spec/trum Magazine

Melanie Mitchell, Copy Editor

One Francis Marion University (FMU) student wanted a place to experiment with design layout so with the help of his peers, Spec/trum Magazine will soon come to the light.

Drew Kellis, a junior visual communication major founded Spec/trum Magazine in February 2013. Kellis said the idea was in the works for quite a while.

“There are people who do creative things and they usually don’t show it to people,” Kellis said. “I wanted to have a publication where people would feel okay about submitting their work. I think it will be a positive thing.”

According to Kellis, the backward slash mark in Spec/trum represents and reinforces the idea behind the magazine by separating the word so you can see “the full Spec/trum.”

Justin McGee, senior English liberal arts major was chosen as Editor-in-Chief of Spec/trum Magazine. Kellis said he chose McGee because he believes he has a strong sense of what constitutes good writing. Kellis said McGee’s editing work is “impressive.” The pair also works together for the FMU student newspaper, The Patriot.

Tyler Pate, senior visual communication major is the Designer, along with Kellis for the magazine. Pate also works at The Patriot and said that a big part of his job is collaborating with Kellis on innovative ideas.

The magazine focuses on collecting submitted art work from anyone, but especially FMU students.

“We are speaking out to creative individuals,” Pate said.

Pate commented on the work of another publication he works on. He said the work in that publication was highly censored and he wanted Spec/trum to offer something different.

“This is true art,” Pate said.

Kellis added that in the event an artist does not want to be identified, their art will be published anonymously.

Currently, there are flyers promoting the magazine and asking for art submissions around campus and in Florence shops including Salty’s and Lula’s Coffee Co.

So far, Spec/trum staff has received enough art to begin construction on their first issue. Kellis says they hope to have the first issue printed by August 2013.

Spec/trum is funded completely out-of-pocket as of now, but Kellis hopes to be funded from an outside source eventually.

“Donations are always accepted,” Kellis said.

Submit your creative work at and follow the trio on Twitter @spectrummags.