University presents new logo: Francis Marion drops the “U” to become “FM”

Robyn McNeil, Managing Editor

If students have browsed the university’s website, visited the Patriot Bookstore or attended baseball games, they may have noticed a new Francis Marion University (FMU) logo as “FM.”

According to Anna Todd, director of marketing and public relations, the university chose to add an additional logo that was unique, modern and easily recognizable to be used for athletics and general university marketing.

“The ‘FM’ was added to give the university a timeless logo that will work as well in fifty years as it does now,” Todd said.

Todd explained that while the original FMU logo is still in use, the FM logo is being used in many university publications and marketing materials because it is graphically appealing and will be immediately identifiable with “Francis Marion.”

The new logo is already associated with the university’s baseball team and will be featured on the uniforms of other sports teams at a later season.

“During this past baseball season, the Patriots baseball team began wearing the FM logo on their hats,” Todd said.  “Our other athletic teams will be transitioning to the ‘FM’ during the next season.”

Murray Hartzler, director of the Department of Athletics, said developing the new logo was a process that took years of consideration, and it is being applied to the university’s sportswear just as thoughtfully.

“The university has been looking for a distinctive letter mark for several years,” Hartzler said.  “After much thought, the new FM logo was rolled out this past March.  It is not just an athletic logo, but a letter mark that will be used campus wide.”

The “FM” will accompany the existing Patriot logo and will be used primarily for practice wear before it is seen on uniforms during games.

“We have started incorporating it into our athletic apparel this year,” Hartzler said.  “Mainly, it will be seen on a lot of our practice apparel, along with the Patriot logo….and this year we have brought a consistent look to many of our teams’ practice apparel.”

According to Hartzler, the logo change has been successful with members of the community.

“We have already distributed numerous hats with the logo on it to friends of the university over the past several months with a very positive response,” Hartzler said.

Hartzler explained that the Department of Athletics does not currently have any new uniforms on order, but as uniforms are replaced, it will look at using the letter mark and the Patriot logo on uniforms where appropriate.  The letter mark, Hartzler said, when used appropriately, has a very distinctive and collegiate look.

In addition to sports uniforms, the “FM” can be seen on university apparel, campus flags, billboards, bumper stickers, marketing materials, advertisements and the university’s website.  The student orientation committee also began using it on its T-shirts this summer.

Todd added that the Office of Public Affairs is currently updating the university’s policies and lists of approved logos to help make the use of logos as consistent as possible.

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Whigham, a forward/midfielder from Ocean City, Md., had a senior career of 17 goals and 11 assists.

Pitt said that Whigham was very “versatile and athletic” on the field.

Proven by the 42 goals she scored during her junior and senior years,Edmonds, a midfielder from Evans, Ga., is recognized as a high goal-scorer.

“I’m thinking of her as someone who sets up goals,” Pitt said.

Pitt explained that while watching Edmonds play, he really liked the way she crossed the ball and was impressed by her skill as a high school player.

Duckworth, a defender from Rome, Ga., received the award of Most Valuable Player for her high school team.

Duckworth will try to fill the void of Hoekstra, a senior who surpassed NCAA eligibility in soccer.

Along with the five signees, Dani Velasquez, Kim Newton and Kylie Allen will also have their debut season with the Patriots this fall.

Velasquez, a sophomore at FMU,trained with the team in the spring.  However, this will be her first year playing on the team.  Heembrock said her speed will be a great asset.

“Dani is very good technically.” Heembrock said, “She does a very good job in training.”

Newton is a “walk on” freshman that will be playing as a goalie in the fall.

Heembrock said Newton will add “depth” to the team.

Last season, the Patriots only had one goalkeeper, Taylor O’Berry, which added some stress to the team.

“Taylor had some injuries that she had to work through last season,” Heembrock said.

Allen is a sophomore who transferred from the University of South Carolina – Beaufort.Allen will work with Duckworth to fill the place of Hoekstra, who played the center back position for the Patriots for four years.

“One of those two is going to fill that slot,” Pitt said.

Pitt explained that in soccer, the center back and center mid positions are similar to the quarterback position in football.  He said that it will be hard to replace Hoekstra’s athleticism, a quality which is very important in soccer.

The Patriots will work to beat their record of 7-9-1 from last year. Their season kicks off Aug. 26 against Charleston Southern.