Student athletes become buddies for a night


Two groups of student athletes compete in a tug-of-war after winning a series of mini matches during the annual Buddy Night event.

Diana Levy, Sports Writer

Athletes went head-to-head against each other in various athletic games when the Francis Marion University (FMU) Athletic Department held its annual Buddy Night event on Friday, Aug. 27.

According to Murray Hartzler, FMU athletic director, Buddy Night is a great way for athletes from all sports to become acquainted with one another.  He added that the event helps athletes branch out and spend time with other sports team members they may not have spoken to before.

Held in the Smith University Center (UC), Buddy Night consisted of a series of competitions in which student athletes competed against one team at a time.  They were put to the test as they contended in games, such as free throw contests and a soccer goal-kick, that were related to the different sports on campus.

Twelve teams competed against each other, and student athletes were not the only ones having fun during the night.  Coaches laughed with members of their teams and joked with them about their athletic abilities in sports that are not similar to their own.

Phil Shaffer, senior English major, was among those enjoying the night and said it was “full of fun” for him.

“It was cool to compete in the games,” Shaffer said.  “I liked being able to interact with all of the athletes here.”

Coaches helped keep score of the events, and at the end of the night, the points were tallied to find out who the top four teams were.  The four teams then battled against each other in two separate rounds of tug-of-war.  The winners of both rounds battled it out and competed for the winning title.

The winning team was awarded with celebratory drawstring backpacks.