Ultimate Mingle unites student body


Photo by: Picasa

The UPB plans and organizes the Ultimate Mingle each year to acquaint new students and reunite returning students. A DJ, board games and refreshments were provided for those in attendance.

Lindsey Smith, Staff Writer

New and returning students gathered for a time of entertainment and interaction on Aug. 21
at the Ultimate Mingle, sponsored by the University Programming Board (UPB).
The event, which featured a DJ, games and snacks, was a part of the Welcome Week line-up
and is hosted annually for students who are new or returning to the campus community.  The
purpose of the Ultimate Mingle is to allow all students to enjoy fun and free activities while also
affording them the chance to meet other students.
Members of the UPB served refreshments at the snacks table while music played and the
students interacted over games. There was a sizeable turnout this year; attendants included
students from all classifications and a number of student organizations.
Kaesi Boyce, senior business management major, said she attended the Ultimate Mingle for
the second year in a row because she enjoyed it so much last year. “The mingle is a great way to meet new people,” Boyce said.  “You get to have fun with yourfriends while making new ones.” Upperclassmen from university organizations were not only in attendance for the amenities,
but to add members full force.
According to Shelby Greene, early childhood education major, incoming students often have
the challenge of making new acquaintances.  Therefore, some freshmen attended the event in
search of new people to call friends, and Greene was among them.
“I came to the mingle because I was hoping to meet some new people,” Greene said.
The UPB works to create events like the mingle to afford students the opportunity to interact
with each other throughout the year. Tracy Odom, senior English major, said she enjoys attending UPB events, especially during Welcome Week.
“It’s just a really nice break from the stress of classes,” Odom said.  “It helps ease the transition back into school without overloading you all at once.” However, by comparison, some upperclassmen in attendance agreed that this year’s event was not as enjoyable as those in the past.
Morgan Mason, junior psychology major, said she missed the karaoke from last year.
“The mingle itself is a great idea,” Mason said.  “I just think it was awkward that no one
really danced to anything other than the popular line dances.”
Morgan added that, in order for the event to continue to succeed, some changes should be
made based on what students would enjoy.
Shelby Greene echoed Morgan’s sentiments about the future of the event.
“I think that it should be continued if they add more activities,” Greene said.
While she enjoyed watching everyone dance, Greene said, karaoke would have made the
evening more fun and created an entertaining atmosphere.
Despite some critique of the event, most students left with smiles, and its sponsors said they
hope the Ultimate Mingle will continue to be a successful part of Welcome Week.