Life Size Candy Land


Students wait outside of the Housing Office for their turns to answer a question and continue playing.

Natalie Bejarano-Dugarte, Guest Writer

On October 15 from 4 p.m.- 6 p.m., Francis Marion University’s (FMU) Housing
and Residence Life Office, with help from the university’s Writing Center, hosted Life
Size Candy Land.
The event was inspired by the board game, “Candy Land,” and was meant to be
educational as well a way for students to have fun and socialize.
Mary Rachel Scott, graduate psychology student, was an integral part in planning
and carrying out this event for the first time.
Scott said that the program focused on fostering personal, academic and social
development among all students.
“Sherry Murray, assistant director of the Housing and Residence Life,
established a program to meet the needs of residents within residence halls and
apartment areas,” Scott said.
The Writing Center also played a significant role in the development of this
program. Dr. Jennifer Kunka, professor of English and Writing Center director, and Tiara
Felder, senior English-professional writing major and Writing Center consultant, created
the tips and questions that were passed out to students as they played the game.
“Students, myself included, can get a little frustrated or frazzled when dealing
with the more complicated aspects of grammar while writing and revising,” Felder said.
“Life Size Candy Land was a cool way for the Housing Office and the Writing Center to
collaborate and let students have a good time while also learning some important
writing basics.”
Students all around campus, residents and commuters alike, participated in this
event to learn new writing tips, facts, and win ice cream and candy as they progressed
through the Candy Land paths.
As the students played, they were asked questions about grammar and given
candy and writing tips as rewards for correct answers.  When they reached the end of
the game in the Heyward Community Center, they were given ice cream bars as a final
grand prize.
Katelyn Elmore, freshman education major, was one of 80 students who attended
the event.  Elmore said the event was something different from what she expected.
“I thought it was a really fun and enjoyable experience. I got to learn something
new as I went along. When I first heard of it I thought ‘Life Sized Candy Land? I’ve got
to try it!’”
Elmore said that if given the chance, she would participate in the program if it
was held again.
Suzanne Brooks, freshman psychology major, also said that she enjoyed the
event because it was something out of the ordinary.
“Life Sized Candy Land is something that I’d hope to see occur in the coming
years,” Brooks said.
Due to the feedback that the event has received, there may be similar events
planned for the future.
“We want residents to be on the lookout for future programs that the [Resident
Assistants] R.A.’s are planning for them,” Scott said. “There will be lots more exciting
programs throughout the year, and we would love to see more participation from all
To find out about upcoming programs, check the university event calendar
located on the university’s website.