Play show effects of addiction, abuse

Connor Veasey and Connor Veasey

This semester, “An Evening at Provincetown,” one of the productions that Francis
Marion University’s (FMU) Fine Arts department will put on, will be take place on Oct.
24- Oct. 26 beginning at 7:30 p.m.
An Evening at Provincetown will highlight three plays written by Eugene O’Neill,
Susan Glaspell and Pendleton King.  Plays included are: “Cocaine,” “The Long Voyage
Home” and “Trifles.”  Dr. Dawn Larsen, associate professor of theatre history, will be
directing “An Evening at Provincetown.”
“The point of us doing them is [that] they are historically significant because it is the
first important group of theatrical writers, writing realism in the United States,” Larsen
The topics of the works included in “An Evening at Provincetown” are drug
addiction, alcoholism and domestic abuse, all of which have several consequences that
could lead individuals down paths which could alter their lives.
“An evening at Provincetown” will give a visualization of
what happens when you
reach the end of those paths.
“Cocaine” is a story about two drugs users named Nora and Joe. It takes place in
mid-1910. Nora, a prostitute with a selfish personality, desires to make Joe follow her
Katelyn Lamb, senior theatre major, is the stage manager and dramaturge for this
“Nora thinks that Joe is the clean part of her, if she loses him, she loses what is good
for her life,” Lamb said.
CJ Miller, FMU graduate, will be playing the role of Joe and Brooke Mogy, junior
mass communication and theatre double major, will play the portray Nora.
According to Mogy, the plays help bring out the reality of hitting rock bottom; the
characters are restricted by pressures from society, and these pressures keep them from
truly being free.
Xavier Nettles is the prop master for every play the department runs.
“These plays show you what happens when it is too late,” Nettles said.  “All these
plays are about the effects that drugs, alcohol and domestic abuse have on human life.”
“The Long Voyage Home” is a story about Olson, a man who wants to make the
decision to give up his lifestyle on the sea to visit his mother. However, Olson has a
problem.  Every time he drinks, he does not just drink once, but consistently becomes
inebriated instead.  In the play, he makes one major mistake which the plot is centered on.
Matt Adkins, senior theatre major, will be playing the main character Olson.
According to Lamb, the third play, “Trifles,” will show how men tend to
underestimate the female mind.
“‘Trifles’ really explores the way that women are treated and that women notice more
than men give them credit for.” Lamb said.
This play is built around the death of John Wright, husband of Minnie Wright. The
play will open with Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale, played by Gabrielle Pinnieo and Rebecca
Whitten, junior theatre majors, conversing.
“There is a certain way society thinks of women that is never right.  These women are
smart and strong.”  Lamb said.
Students who would like more information regarding “An Evening at Provincetown”
should stop Larsen’s office in  Fine Arts Center (FAC) 110.