Fireworks showcase to debut at Homecoming 2014

Victoria Briggs, Staff Writer

This year’s Homecoming is set to experience a new twist unlike any other. Sponsored by the athletic department, a fireworks show is scheduled to take place after the Patriot baseball game.

      The fireworks show is set to light up the sky directly after the baseball game which occurs on Friday Feb. 21 at 4:00 p.m. According to Athletic Director Murray Hartzler, the fireworks show will last approximately 10-15 minutes long and will have music played along with it.

      “The show will be like any other fireworks show,” Hartzler said. “You can compare to a typical fireworks show like Fourth of July.”

      Hartzler explained that the show is replacing the yearly bonfire due to inclimate weather. He states that the opportunity came up this way to do the show. At the show, the homecoming court will be introduced and food will be served. Leading up to the fireworks display, the baseball game will feature hall-of-famers who will throw out the first pitch.

      The firework show will be a new experience to the students of Francis Marion University (FMU). Many students, such as Briana Friarson, senior Psychology major, stated that she thought the students will enjoy the show.

      “I think the show is going to go well,” Friarson said.  “People like fireworks and will want to go the game and stay for the fireworks.”

      Hartzler hopes the student population enjoys the fireworks presentation and hopes it will become a FMU tradition.

      “Doing this has always been in the back of my mind since the stadium opened and now the opportunity has finally presented itself,” Hartzler said.  “I hope the show will be enjoyed.”

            According to Hartzler, the show was made possible through external fundraising and that students can expect to see subtle changes to the stadium. Items such as picnic tables, landscaping and painting can be anticipated changes.