Seminar Brewing

Joshua Lloyd, Staff Writer

Two Francis Marion University (FMU) professors are tapping into new territory with Seminar Brewing, Florence’s very first commercial craft brewery.

Dr. Bryan Fisher of the Mass Communications department and professor Travis Knowles of the Biology department, along with three other local beer brewers, are in the process of opening the brewery.

“Nearly all of us have been home brewing for awhile,” Fisher said. “It seems that it’s every home brewers dream to start a brewery…to take it to the next level and have our beers distributed on a much larger scale is very exciting.”

The brewery will begin by featuring a line-up of five constant beers, Citrocity, Carver, Howler, Crowfoot and Restless Wheat; as well as one tap beer that will change on a regular basis.

Each beer contains a distinctive flavor: Citrocity is an American style India pale ale that carries a distinct grapefruit flavor with hints of mango, papaya, and passion fruit; Carver is a brew that has chocolaty notes with a “velvet-smooth” peanut flavor, named for peanut pioneer George Washington Carver; Howler is American red ale that is rich and malty with low bitterness; Restless Wheat is an American wheat ale that infuses the fruity character of North American hops with the lighter, smoother side of wheat ales.

Home brewing may be just a hobby for many, but for the brewers at Seminar Brewing it’s a passion.

“There is a very strong social aspect to brewing beer,” Fisher said. “It’s very fun to share one’s beer, and taste what someone else has brewed.  It’s really the best part of the hobby.”

Since they are a manufacturer, Seminar’s primary business will be selling their brews to local restaurants and bars through a distributor, Fisher explained. However, they will also have a tasting room within the facility that will be open on limited basis, times are still under discussion.

“In our tasting room people can buy ‘flights,’ which are four ounce samples, of all the beers, and will be able to fill ‘growlers,’ which are half-gallon jugs,” Fisher explained.  “People can drink the samples on site, but the growlers will be sealed and must be consumed off premises.”

Seminar Brewing is located in Florence next to the Red Bone Alley restaurant. The brewers plan to open for business in the early spring of 2014.