Funds raised for lives

Robyn McNeil, Editor-in-Chief

Dedication. Passion. Generosity. Perseverance. These virtues are a few of many that President of Patriots Children’s Miracle Network (PCMN) Jordan Tillar said were necessary for the organization to meet its goal of raising $3,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network of McLeod Hospital.

The organization shared its achievement with the community April 8 at a closing ceremony hosted in the Chapman Auditorium.

Tillar, senior bachelor of general studies major, said all proceeds will go to McLeod to benefit the network’s mission of raising funds for babies and children who are or were premature, have cancer or experienced other maladies.

Kiara Gore, vice president of the Patriots network, said it was a privilege and an honor to serve in a position of leadership for an organization with a mission such as PCMN’s.

Gore, senior biology major, said she saw it as an opportunity to impact the lives of children who are unable to “do for themselves.”

“I’m an advocate for charity work or doing things inside of my community,” Gore said. “I was born a healthy child, and I feel another child should be given the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life as I have through God’s grace.”

Tillar said PCMN wanted the event to be a “high time,” so to enhance the celebratory atmosphere, the ceremony featured music, dance and spoken work entertainment.

DJ JWatts provided live music, and performers included dance team Praise In Motion and members of “The Snow Island Review” who gave poetry readings

The second annual Dance Marathon, held Jan. 24 in the Smith University Center (UC), was the opening ceremony for the organization.  Costs for participation and a donation by Francis Marion University (FMU) President Fred Carter, PhD., generated funds for the cause.

Children and families directly affected by the cause were honored guests at the marathon.

The organization had planned a carnival and car wash to raise additional funds, but due to inclement weather, the events were cancelled.

However, money made from PCMN’s five bake sales held during the fall and spring semesters were able bring in needed funds.

Tillar said serving as president of PCMN has reinforced in him the importance of humility and servitude and hopes Dance Marathon will continue.

“It has not been an easy road in anyway, but the reward is greater than the struggle,” Tillar said.  “I encourage this organization, student body, faculty and staff…not to give up on this task.  The race isn’t to the fastest, or the strongest, but the ones who will endure.  I want to thank FMU for [its] help and support to make this year what it was.”