Spring fest provides fun, food, games


Photo by: Austin Kemmerlin

Students enjoy an inflatable game in which they attempt to win by being the last person standing.

Rebecca Cross, Staff Writer

Students gathered at the University Center (UC) for an afternoon of fun, food, and activities from 1-5 p.m. on April 2, 2014 for this year’s Spring Fest.

Spring Fest is an annual event organized by the University Programming Board (UPB). Spring Fest is similar to Fall Fest, an event featured during the fall semester, but the UPB tries to bring in some different activities and foods.

Melena Fore, a freshman accounting major attended spring fest.

“It [Spring Fest] is a great opportunity to just relax, get to know people, and take a break from the stress of studying,” Fore said. “It brings the campus community together.”

Once students showed their I.D.s at the check-in table, they were given tickets which allowed them to participate in the free activities. Such activities included a graffiti wall, customizable license plates, and inflatables. Snacks included warm pretzels, Italian ice, and cotton candy.

As they waited in lines and participated in events, students laughed, smiled, and sang along to popular music projected over loud speakers.

“This is crazy fun!” Mason Jones, a freshman English major said in between bites of pretzel and before heading to jump on the wrecking ball inflatable with friends. “I feel like a big kid, but it is awesome,” Jones said.

Students smiled at a camera as they had their pictures taken in front of the graffiti wall screen. Then, they drew and wrote on the screen. Pictures were printed immediately, giving students a creative, personal memento from the event.

Another popular activity was the customizable license plates station. Students stood in line to have their name, nickname, or fun saying imprinted on a license plate along with the Francis Marion University (FMU) logo and the UPB logo. The vendor designed the border of the license plates specifically for Spring Fest 2014.

“We [the UPB] try to keep the students’ best interests in mind when planning events like Spring Fest,” Hayes McLendon, a sophomore English major who serves as the Educational and Cultural Awareness Chairman for UPD said.

“If there is something they [students] want to see as far as Spring Fest, Fall Fest, or any other event concerning the UPB, we try to make that happen. We want to bring those things to our university because we represent the student body, not just the UPB,” McLendon said.

Upcoming events presented by the UPB include a Zumba Glow Party on April 15, Bingo Night on April 16, and Relaxation Station on April 17. Relaxation Station is an event designed to eliminate stress before exam week. There will be message therapists at the event, and exam study tips and prep bags will be given out.